Missing Prague

We have not been posting due to the joys of travel:  visiting friends and family, time consumed on the road, irregular internet service and the like.  We are now settling into a new, if temporary, home in Ennis, Ireland.  So here is a post.

As we have written before we love Mexican food–as long as it has authentic taste.  I think we have also praised the web site Expats.cz.  Now we have a two for one; an Expat.cz article about the Mexacali Hot Shop.  Click the link to read the excellent article by Ginny Contreras or go directly to Mexicka¡ kuchyna to order on line.

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One thought on “Missing Prague

  1. Las Adelitas was the best Mexican food restaurant in Prague. I’m from Arizona/southern California, and it tasted just like something I would have had at home. It was so good!

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