More Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad

You may think that living in the middle of the city about three blocks from a tram stop and a Metro (underground) station that we get tired of the same urban scene.  You would be wrong because in many ways we see variations every time.

The major differences are as we walk through our local square, Jiriho z Podebrad.  We are frequently surprised by events that we had not heard about and sprang into existence while we slept.  Other times we enjoy watching the preparations days in advance of a major festival.

Below is a video (slide show) of a recent regional food fair; just a typical walk through our local square.

More about daily life around the square: and

Historical Tram Parade

Prague contains countless museums.  We have enjoyed most of the major ones and many of the lesser known such as the Postal Museum.  Our favourite is the Czech Museum of Music.  This year Prague Transport has been celebrating their 140th year of operation.  We did not attend any of the previous events but could not miss the tram parade.

Such fun that we will now add the Public Transport Museum to our To Do list.

Burčák season & festival

Burčák is slightly fermented grape juice, usually sold at about 4 to 7 % alcohol but can reach 10% or more if not consumed in a few days.  It is known as Federweisser or young wine in Germany and other names through out the world.

It is said to be more popular in the Czech Republic than other countries and you certainly see it everywhere here between late August and early November.  There are many folk stories about its effects from exploding bottles to thoroughly purged intestines. It does contain large amounts of vitamins B1 and B2.

Since we are red wine drinkers in past years we enjoyed a glass or two of red burcak but this year at the festival I saw one made from Müller-Thurgau.  It was so good that I bought a litre bottle that has to be drunk within three days or who knows what will happen.

Below is a short video of the autumn season wine festival held at our local square. When we dropped by after 8 PM. I was very impressed by the great quantities of burcak and wine that were being consumed by the crowd.  The booth I bought mine from earlier was sold out.  All these people had no worries about what to do with leftover wine.

My Favourite Prague Festival

I like this festival for two reasons:  1)  There is an extensive selection of unusual international food and drink. and 2) there is much more open space than is typical for Prague food events.

Though I didn’t discover until I got home that I had no close up videos of the delicious dishes that we sampled.  So I have included some photos by Karin of last year’s festival.

home style service  samosa at festival  exotic mid-east coffee

I recommend, 1) if you are in Prague at the end of August look up this event and 2) where ever you travel check out local festivals.  Here are samples from Paros, Greece for instance.


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