Karlstejn Castle: Medieval Protection

Prague owes so much to the strength and wealth of Charles IV, King of Bohemia, that we forget he ruled through-out central Europe for many years as Holy Roman Emperor.  He built Karlstejn (Karlstein) to protect both the crown jewels of the empire and his collection of holy relics.  This castle, only 30 km from Prague, managed to survive the many wars since and has had three major reconstructions.  So it is in remarkable good shape and well tells the story of Charles the Fourth.

No one tells the story of our visit better than star photo-journalist, Karin.  Click below to see her Album.
(It is in Google Photos so you may have to hunt to find the descriptions.)

Karlstejn Castle

OpinionsPost — Read all about it!

2017 Update:  OpinionsPost is defunct and the links obsolete.  I have been re-publishing my articles but it is a slow process.  Where I have new links I will insert them. If you see an article that you are interested in but can’t find, contact me and I will email you a copy 🙂 

I have not posted here for the last month because I have been writing for a new internet magazine, OpinionsPost.com     Self-described as “a multilingual newspaper based on the concept of citizen journalism. We are independent, impartial and honest.”

My latest piece for the magazine is my take on our recent trip to the Czech spa town Karlovy Vary and the large Russian influence we found there.  It is now republished here.


Our favourite Czech drink is made here and no where else because of the water.

Between Town And Spas

Transition between the Czech town centre and the Russian dominated spa region.

Elegant lobby of Grandhotel Putt

Money, money, money–so pleasant

Karlovy Vary monument to Karl Marx

a German philosopher who frequented the spas

mineral springs collonade

Ancient Greek elegance for strolling while taking the waters.








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David Cerny Update

David Cerny's Purple FingerDavid Cerny made the news in October but as it was more a political statement than art I did not post about it then.  This sculpture is anchored in the Vltava River and pointed toward Prague Castle, the seat of Czech President Milos Zeman.

Friday Karin and I dropped by the private gallery exhibition of some of Cerny’s current work.  As always it was quite interesting.  Though a couple of the better pieces are too explicit to be shown on this family friendly site.

The London bus is a miniature of the one I previously wrote about.  The other pieces shown represent his current style of embedding anything and everything in clear resin that is shaped to characterize people, body parts and other objects. Example detail in bottom photo.

David Cerny exhibition

Detail of Cerny resin art

Although displayed in a commercial gallery there were no prices on any of the pieces and we didn’t ask.  Any guesses?

Mezicas: Indie film wants you

I love the hospitality business; I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Yet another business that I have brushed against that promises to be a lot of fun is the “movies”.

I just learned of an opportunity for me–and for you– to participate in the production of a local indie film here in Prague.  Best of all it features my favourite coffee culture location:  cafe’ Louvre!

While time travel movies don’t rate high in my book this talented production company looks capable of pulling off this farcical romp through the timeless city of Prague.  Currently–through 31 July, 2013–they are seeking crowd funding for about half of their production budget.  I am having difficulty deciding how much to pledge:  $10 for a toe in the water, $450 to be an extra in the film or somewhere in-between.

Their crowd funding site has all the background and details plus a lot of photos.  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mezicas-break-in-time?c=home

See update below.

This video dialog is same as crowd funding page but includes scenes of Prague and Cafe’ Louvre

Come on, let’s have some fun in the movie business!

Update:  The Indiegogo project expired before reaching the goal so the group re-penciled their budget and established a similar program on their own–including a share of any profits for all participants.  I kept my finger in the pie with the Photo Credit-Soundtrack package.  Get the latest on their blog.

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