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Paros Shepherd Newsletter Number Fifteen


Published 4 May 04                                              

Greetings from the village of Aliki, on the Cycladic island Paros, in Greece. 
When I wrote the last "missal" it was in August, 2003 from the Hotel Marinio.  Now I write from the Hotel Agrikia and it is May, 2004!  So much has happened...
If you remember, we were closing down the Marinio a bit earlier than usual because of our son's wedding in Mexico.  Our airfare purchased early in order to get the best price, the plan was to attend the wedding in Mexico first, and then because we were Stateside, spend the winter in our hometown of Portland, Oregon visiting family and friends.
Well, nothing goes according to plan, and the unfortunate incident of the bride's mother passing away a few weeks before the wedding, changed everyone's plans.  The wedding was postponed till the following March.  We could not change our tickets, so off we Oregon.  Once there, we managed to settle in and Michael took a winter job with Norm Thompson, a highly favoured catalog store that is headquartered in Portland.  I, enjoyed myself for six months, catching up in all the latest shopping, cinemas, TV shows, visiting, and eating!!
We did quite a bit of traveling including the second trip to El Paso then crossing the border into Cuidad Juarez (Ana's hometown) for our son's wedding.  The Mexicans know how to have a good time; we spent a delightful week culminating in the traditional ceremony.  Two days later we were airborne once again for Paros. 
The only difference was that we were not able to get the Marinio again as it was slated to be turned into apartments/business property.  So, we found another lovely hotel called the Agrikia in the village of Aliki.  You might remember,  when we first came to Paros to do a Guest House/Hotel,  it was to this village.  So it was a joyful reunion for us to return. 
Aliki is truly a wonderful place to not only be a tourist in, but also to live in.  It has a sense of community when you live here long enough, and it has all a tourist could want (providing they do not want the fast-paced high-life nightclub noise in Parikia!).  If you want that, you can go to Parikia but still stay in Aliki, with the added benefit of enjoying the quiet mornings to sleep in because Aliki is a "sleepy" and low key village.....big enough to have a new pharmacy, however!!!  Run by the sweetest, most likeable young woman imaginable!  To put in a "plug" for her:  it is stocked with anything you might want......medicines, toiletries, Dr. Scholl shoes (pretty ones!), baby products, old people products (canes!) and her hours are very reasonable--her cell phone number is available so that you can call her down to the shop in case of an emergency.
The hotel Agrikia is a beautiful hotel, with a lovely garden full of Greek urns and geraniums, olive trees and almond trees....and other flowering shrubs.  It has been recently purchased and lovingly remodeled with high quality furnishings.  It is only a 5 minute walk to the beach(es) (Aliki has 3 beaches), a selection of tavernas, and 2 mini - markets.  A bus line to Parikia is only 3 minutes away!  We are the last hotel on the road, and that means quiet......with views on the North to the  mountains, and in the South to the sea. 
We have ten rooms, two are with kitchenettes and sleep three people.  This time, we actually have two rooms with proper double beds, a rarity in Greece!  The rest are the typical twins.  We also have air conditioning in all the rooms.  If I had any complaint at all, it would be that the showers are small, but those of you who have travelled in Greece, know that is the case everywhere.
There also is a huge patio with comfortable and fashionable seating arrangements for sitting in the sun, or just sitting with a drink and chatting.  We live in a separate building, which originally was an old farmhouse...but updated, of course, like the rest of the hotel.  The owner has a dog which still lives here.  Donna is no problem as she has her own house and is on a leash when not out travelling!  She is an Irish bird dog, so I often see her straining on her leash, nose up in the air, and desperately wanting to climb a tree to get to whatever bird has flown there!  She is also an excellent bone hunter, which is a no-no.  So far she has proven to be no the owner comes over and feeds her and we talk to her and take her out once in awhile when she seems anxious to be free.
Partial view of farmhouse, patio & courtyard
More photos and description on our site:   
We arrived end of March, helped the owner get ready for his Greek Easter clientele.  Then we slowed WAY down, which allows us to take stock, and get the hotel up and running for our new guests--all the way from America!  They will be the beginning of OUR season, so that makes them special!!
As you can imagine, we are still getting acquainted with  the Hotel Agrikia, but we feel the relationship will be wonderful....and we are eager for summer to begin!  Hopefully the Olympics will bring Greece lots of tourists, and after the hectic city of Athens, people will come to the islands to unwind and recuperate!!
More next month....I'm cooking up some new recipes!
till then
Andio (goodbye)
A Message from Michael:
    With the new building I am redoing all my marketing.  While we are listed in several hotel directories and do come up in the search engines, nothing is better than word-of-mouth and personal referrals.
    So we are again asking our friends to help spread the word by posting notices on any bulletin boards at work or the shopping center, or the internet, where ever.  Here is a guideline example-- if you post somewhere private, it is even better to put your own contact information and relay the enquiry to us.  Thanks for your support!
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