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Just a few years ago we had a Paros friend suffer a heart attack in the Bangkok Airport.  His medical bill was four times his total assets.  He was fortunate, however, that his girlfriend who is a travel agent had insisted he purchase travel insurance before the trip.  It even covered flying him back to Greece.  The CheapoAir site includes a travel insurance option in all their offerings.  Plus they have a lowest price guarantee and real live people to help with customer service.  Check them out.


For general and specific information about which budget airlines fly to which cities and airports, which are the best days to fly, which airports are best for sleeping and all that kind of useful information for the economy flier I recommend the following site:

Fwoggie's FlyBudget.Com

Valuable Travel Links:

Madrid Tours:  Exciting guided tours in Madrid.  Book more than 30 activities.

1001 Vacation Ideas - Presents a huge collection of vacation ideas, places to go, and things to do for the U.S. and around the world.

SafariNow offers Cape Town Accommodation, as well as an all-inclusive accommodation guide for the eight safari countries in Africa.

Their web site is also a comprehensive guide to all things Africa. 

Their maps are excellent and up-to-date.

Paris Walking Tours - A wealth of current, practical information on Paris. Private guided walking tours at a reasonable price.  Paris history, culture and maps.  Insights and tips from a long time resident to help you make the most of your Paris stay.

Tourism Czech Republic - Travel Guide- an extensive and comprehensive site on all things Czech Republic.

Classic Double/Twin Room, Boutique Hotel in Old Town, Prague - Elegantly furbished guest room with stylish contemporary interior design.

Kenya Safari Holidays - includes budget and luxury safaris, beach safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya climbing.

Offroad Vietnam Motorcycle Tours - Off-road information, tours and adventures in Vietnam on Honda real road motorcycles, dirt bikes and moped scooters.  Site features a tour library of detailed itineraries and photos from the road.  Some of the most useful resources you can find on the web about travelling off road in Vietnam.

Alicante, Spain - Insider's Guide - A complete guide to everything in and around Alicante.  First hand tips to enjoy your stay plus a full range of travel information.

Choose Greece for an Inexpensive Holiday

Every year, thousands of people travel to mainland Greece or some of the 6000 Greek islands that can be found around the Mediterranean. For some the decision to have a holiday in Greece can be the easiest decision they make all year, but for others, the thought of visiting an unfamiliar country can fill them with dread. But it needn’t be this way, and if you’re thinking about travelling to Greece this year, perhaps for a summer holiday, or even for a long weekend, here are some great reasons for visiting this magical destination.

Holidays to Greece are suitable for people of all ages because there is so much to do, explore and enjoy whilst you’re over there, which means that it’s a destination that has something that appeals to all the family, especially children. But what usually surprises holidaymakers is how cheap the cost of flying to Greece, staying in Greece and eating in Greece is compared to other popular Mediterranean destinations. Many airlines and travel agents specialise in Greek holidays, and if you book your holiday at just the right time, you could potentially save hundreds on your holiday.

One way to save money on your journey to Greece is to book a package holiday, which will include travel costs, activities and food, so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and you can budget daily extras, such as drinks and holiday gifts.

Any traveller knows the hardest part is sticking to your budget.  Here is a site dedicated to making it easier:  Budget Your Trip    It has several useful tools for estimating expenses as well as tracking them.

Is your last minute travel always more expensive

than a well-planned trip?

by Jonathan Tan

Last Minute Travel doesn't have to lead to expense. Let us show you how to get the best deals and bargains without the stress.

For any last minute vacations, it pays to know when the most expensive travel periods are. The high demand for travel during certain periods drives the prices up for most essentials like airline tickets, cruises, hotel rooms and rental cars.

Fortunately, there are a few free tools, tricks and sites that you can use to make your last minute travel cheaper, faster, easier and more fun! The other alternative is to buy last minute vacation packages. They are generally good but only if you cannot locate a cheap airfare. An understanding of how the airlines operate will help you get that cheap last minute airline tickets.

As for hotel reservations, it's true that most often you do get a better rate by using the phone from a nearby booth rather than walking to the reservation counter. Another way you can save on your car rental is to consider the parking charges, again this can be easily verify via the phone by simply asking the hotel staff for local advice.

Airlines, hotels, cruise ships and rental car companies lose money for every seat, hotel room, cabin or rental car they don't fill. Typically, they would rely on travel agents, or consolidators to help them clear their inventories. By buying such items in bulk and repackaging them together into last minute vacation deals, it's unlikely you can buy these items separately on your own at a cheaper price.

For more tips and ideas on how to have fun, save more for your last minute travel, head on over to the 11th Hour Vacations and Travel Guide. As a business traveler, Jonathan does a lot of last minute travel and he is always on the lookout for cheap, quick and practical last minute travel tips.

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