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Greek Island Hopping


Greek Island Hopping  --  Why Choose Paros?

            Most of the enquiries that I get are from people who have already decided to visit Greece and are trying to choose which islands to visit or just which villa or hotel is best for them.  So I am not used to presenting our island as a vacation/holiday alternative to other resort locations.     I am sure that visiting Karin and I is not enough incentive on its own.

            What I will do on this page is give you a brief summary and refer you to other pages on our full service Paros website.  Everyone has different interests; you can browse what is of interest to you throughout the site.

             I was attracted to Greece for two basic reas for two basic reas for two basic reas for two basic reasons, the warm, dry climate and the opportunity to walk where civilized man walked more than 2,000 years ago.  We have stayed here for countless reasons centered around the climate, the low cost of living and that Greece is a modern, European country.  See our Story for an account of our first year.

             While the Acropolis in Athens is an ancient wonder that must be seen by any cultured person, Paros has traces of people more ancient than Athens.  Here we have numerous antiquities that you can wander and absorb the sense of the cultures that existed in the past.  Some of these sites are relatively remote but most are interspersed among the lively towns of today.  The reputation of Paros as a party island is gaining; it is the island of choice between the glitzy night life of Mykonos and the young, drink-until-you-drop, attitude of Ios.

             Of course we live in the quiet village of Aliki noted for its old-timers and young families.  We have three beaches here but on Sundays and other special occasions we go to one of our favourites elsewhere.  No place on the island is more than 30 minutes from any other place.  The sandy beaches are uncountable; some catering to an active crowd (good for people watching), some small and isolated for just the two of you.

Aliki at dusk, September, Paros 

Aliki at dusk in July

             There are a few touristy sites to see on Paros but that is not the attraction.  We frequently hear from guests that they had their best vacation ever; not due to the scenery but because of the atmosphere and attitude of relaxation, slow pace and calm comfort.  I should mention the good food and drink as well.  It all tastes better at a waterfront taverna with a gentle breeze wafting the sounds of the sea and smells of the grill.  It has now been scientifically shown that Greek islanders live longer.  This is attributed to eating locally grown food.  We have villas in Aliki that include olive oil and vegetables grown by the owners.

view from Ag. Irini beach, Paros

from Agri Irini Beach in September


            Hopefully I have whetted your appetite to visit our piece of paradise on Paros.  Please browse our site contents and review our offered accommodations.

 You can see photos and information about other Cyclades islands:  Here

            Oh yes, please write with any questions about travel to Greece and Paros—that is what I do for a living.

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