Why Prague, Part Two

Recently I wrote a couple paragraphs on why we like Prague so much.  But now I can’t find it!  It was along the lines of architectural beauty everywhere you look plus something to see and do everyday all in a compact city that is easy to navigate.

Farmer's Market at Jiri z Podebrad squareNow in our first 24 hours back we discovered a new set of reasons to love Prague — our local neighborhood.  First, in our same block a dirty old pub has been converted into an Indian restaurant.  Not the fine dining kind like the India Jewel in Ungelt but a local good value place that you can return to often.  However, the cloud to this silver lining is that every time we walk by and sometimes through our open window we are subjected to enticing smells of Indian cooking spices.  We are going to get so fat!

frutis and vegetables at farmer's market PragueOur second discovery is that our local square, Jiriho z Podebad has a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  There are tempting goodies here as well but at least we can balance them with lush looking vegetables.  They have the seasonal drink burčák but we have not sampled it yet because it seems to early in the day when we are there.

More later.

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