Header Photos: Panoramas of Prague

December 2013:  One of several concerts we attended was by the Baroque Orchestra of the Prague Conservatory.baroque ensemble Prague Conservatory




One of first Asian meals in Prague was at Mailsa.  We were impressed with quality and value of the food and the friendliness of the Pakistani family that runs it.  Getting there in the snow and ice was an adventure as well.


Speaking of ice and snow our winter adventure to


Cesky Krumlov was quite an experience as well.  Read all about it.
Cafe Louvre, Prague

Cafe’ Louvre is a great place to get out of the cold.  Also read about a movie to be shot there:  Mezicas: Indie film wants you


Urinals in Men's Room at Palladium Mall, Prague

We love the freedom in the Czech sense of humor.  This part of the decoration in the men’s toilets at Palladium Mall.  Also in the mall read about Site seeing in a book store


farmer's market at Jiriho Z Podebrad


Farmer’s Market at our home square of Jiriho Z Podebad.

buskers at farmer's market, Prague





Michael & Karin at Lennon Wall

We went for a long time without a photo of the two of us together.  Finally got this one at Lennon Wall.



The Cubist Black Madonna building is a must see along the heavily touristed Royal

Cubist Black Madonna Building





Prague glass shopYou can’t avoid the souvenir shops.




Malastrana rooftops from Vrtbovska garden, Prague

Panoramic views are everywhere.  This is from Vrtbovska Garden (Vrtbovská zahrada) in Mala Strana.

Pruhonice Park deserves to be seen at every season.  Plus the village has great restaurants.  Pruhonice, Prague






Our favourite adventures usually involved local trains.  This one had two cars; many only have one.


Karlovy Vary, better known as Carlsbad, is mind boggling.Karlovy Vary river street  Our photos do not due it justice.  You have to see it to believe it.  Read my account here

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