David Cerny in London

Cerny art in London, busAs I have written before, I was rather surprised to find that David Cerny is not world-famous since one sees his work everywhere in Prague. However, his fame may be in the ascent as he now has a very visible installation in London during the Olympics.


London bus doing push-up by David CernyHis work, titled London Booster, takes the London symbol of the red double-decker bus and makes it do push-ups like any athlete.  It is part of a major exhibition promoting all things Czech at the Business Design Centre in the Borough of Islington.  Also included are large screen projections, fantastic music, futuristic design, celebrations with athletes, exhibitions and more.

All Czech mates in or near London should check it out.

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4 thoughts on “David Cerny in London

  1. Thanks for the pics 😉 I completely agree too. The man is a genius. I have been searching for info about what will happen to it after the olympocs. I have found nothing. Do you happen to know? Personally I think it should come to Prague! We appreciate it more here 😉 BUT I guess London will keep it. If so, I hope they make good use of it.

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