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As you can tell from the previous post, I like to write about small world connections on this huge globe we live on.  Also I realize the title of this blog is not particularly creative, yet it seemed to fit well for us.  So I receive Google Alerts whenever the phrase Czech Mates is indexed.  Most are sports connected; a few are music reviews(even fewer are related to this blog).

U of Oregon logoThe most recent was for two Czech musicians playing at the Oregon Bach Festival in Eugene, Oregon on 29 June, 2013.  Sounds great!

Travel back to the old country with two Czech emigrés who offer a fresh take on European folk music, seasoned with amazing skill, inviting humor, and a joyous kick. A U.S. champion mandolinist, Radim Zenkl is equally fluent on a variety of flutes, whistles, didgeridoo, and vocals. Leo Chern contributes keyboards, bass, and percussion as this spirited duo creates a world of sound.

Eugene was the site of some of the best years of my life as a student at the University of Oregon. This was a few years before the Oregon Bach Festival started so I have not attended this festival.  But I do have fond memories of the Abbey Bach Festival in Mount Angel, Oregon.  Karin and I went on one of our early dates before we were married.  It is a delightful affair with monks singing vespers followed by gourmet box dinner followed by great Bach music.  That same formula is still followed the last time I looked.  Update at Mount Angel Abbey Bach Festival

Mt. Hood from Mt. Angel

This photo is taken from the Abbey grounds where our grandson graduated in 2012.  So the list of Prague and Czech connections to my world goes on.  If you know of others within the six degrees of connection, please comment.  Cheers.

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