Kutna Hora

This town and its suburb, Sedlec, have a mixed reputation.  Yet we consider it a must go for any visitors that are spending a week or more in Prague.  Only an hour train ride away it offers all the glory of a former silver mining capital along with the gruesomeness of a unique ossuary.

Crest of bones at Kutna Hora Ossuary Massive bone pile at Kutna Hora Ossuary

Bones, bones everywhere.  The crest is of the Schwarzenberg family and includes a crow pecking the eye of a Turk.  There are many other “art works” and four massive piles in each of the four corners.  For more photos and a bit of history see Karin’s photo journal.

This bone church causes conflict with visitors.  It is one of those places that you think you have to go to see for yourself and be able to say “I was there!”  Yet afterwards it is a let down. Within five minutes you are finished and ready to move on.  Thankfully the admission is only $2 and then you have the rest of the day to enjoy the hillside town and its wealth of magnificent buildings.

View in Kutna Hora in January View in Kutna Hora in JuneThese two photos show our January visit and our June visit.  Since our first three trips to the Czech Republic were during winter we are really enjoying seeing the differences when we return to the same places in the summer.

house of a silver Baron in Kutna Hora Traditional beer hall in Kutna Hora: DacickyThere are many other fine buildings and sites in the town.  See more of them at this photo album     We usually try to stay away from “tourist restaurants” but this one had such a good write-up we gave it a try. It is called Dacicky Pivnice (Beer hall). In January it was quite cozy and the food was excellent; we shall return.

This is the best day trip out of Prague.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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5 thoughts on “Kutna Hora

  1. I enjoyed this latest addition to your blog. I think you could well make a successfuL living as a travel writer. I also liked your April blog on the White Easter in Brno. Fortunately we enjoyed a summer visit in May 2012 staying in Komin with Lynsey & Johnny. Komin retains its village origins with a pleasant main street with shops and restaurants and leafy riverside walks, yet only 20 minutes into the city centre by tram. I hope you manage a return visit in warmer weather.

  2. The bone church is interesting. I believe I saw something about it on the BBC documentary "Long Way Round". Good Luck and safe travels

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