Zizkov Tower

Ziskov (Žižkov) Tower

Ziskov Tower and hill, Prague

Beauty or beast?  This communications tower is hated by many and loved by few.  Yet for us it has special significance.

During our first two extended stays in Prague we lived just a few city blocks from this tower, a Prague landmark listed in all the guides and a stop on the Hop On/Off tour.

Sometimes we would be in the Metro (subway) for what seemed the better part of an hour as we changed lines and waited for the next train.  Then as we emerged above ground and looked up–there was the tower, not far away at all.  Anywhere in the city we could always get our bearings by looking for the tower.

city view from Zizkov tower

Now that is even more true.  The tower is literally a homing beacon because our apartment fronts on Mahler Gardens (Mahlerovy sady) in which the tower is located.

This photo is from the lower tower pod.  We live in the lower right building with the red top floor.

zizkov tower fire works


This photo was taken from our window during a fireworks display for some event in the tower restaurant.




Zizkov from our window


This photo taken through our window shows Sterling the Caliber Interactive mascot.  It is a thumb drive I won in a contest.





micro brewery festival at Parukarka


There are many parks with beer gardens near our home.  This is Parukarka (Parukářka) hosting a micro brewery festival.



Zozkov from Clock Tower, Old Town, Prague



Everybody goes to the Charles Bridge and  Old Town Square.  A few go to the top of the Clock Tower for some panoramic photos.


Downtown Prague from Letna park


This one is taken from Letna Park


Ziskov tower from Letna Beer Garden



In winter you must go to the Christmas market.  Every other time of year to a Prague beer garden. Letenské sady (Letna Park) probably has the best view.


Stromovka Park and Zizkov tower from Troja hill


Here we find ourselves at Troja, home to the Zoo, a large botanical garden including a delightful Japanese Garden, a palace and a demonstration vineyard.  Yet not that far from our outstanding Zizkov tower. Stromovka Park is in the middle ground.

TV tower with Petrin blossoms

Spring time blossoms in the large orchards on Petrin Hill are fantastic.  Here we view over the Valtava River and Old Town to Vinohrady.Zizkov Tower from train entering Masaryk station, Prague


Not a pretty picture but a welcome one as we return by train from one of our many excursions among the Prague environs.



We hope you have enjoyed this mini-tour of Prague scenes–all within sight of “our” tower.

If you have any Zizkov Tower pictures, please comment  and we will figure out how to include them on this page–especially some interior shots.

Here is a promotional video that shows the hotel room and other interior shots.

Recent Posts

Food Festivals Promotion 2016

Olena Kagui at the Prague.TV website has compiled a list of favourite food festivals and events for 2016.  The article is a promotional piece that includes links to official sites so I am repeating most of her information here and adding my comments and links. 

Dim Sum Pop Up: From Tuesday March 15th – Saturday 19th from 17:00 and 22:00 you can try delicious filled Chinese dumplings. Sample steamed, fried or pan-cooked Dim Sum at La Bottega di Finestra located at Platnéřská 11, Prague 1. Pork with shrimp, duck with bok choy, seitan, dried shiitake, lotus noodles, beef tongue and pork Jiaozi are all on the menu.

Soup Festival / Polívkování: Try out an alternative breakfast on Saturday March 19th and stop by for some soup at Náplavka from as early as 10:00. Discover soups from around the world including: Armenia, Austria, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam. Oh, and don’t forget to sample traditional Czech soup too!  Polívkování Event page on Facebook 

Prague souping among food festivals

My review of this soup festival include a rant about inadequate space.  

Herb Festival: Come discover the secret ingredients to most of your favorite meals on Sunday April 23rd. Enjoy workshops, a series of lectures (in Czech) and of course a tea tasting! The herb festival will start at 9:00 and end at 19:00 and will also offer a presentation of quality teas and information about leading a healthy lifestyle. BYLINKOFESTU 2016 Event page on Facebook

AsianFest Prague: Spend April 30th in Asia without booking a flight: enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The festival will be split into several ‘worlds’ with their own unique decorations, performances and workshops to enjoy while devour your favorite exotic food. Read more about the festival here.  www.asianfest.cz / AsianFest Prague on Facebook

Bohemian BBQ: “Smoke will rise from the Vltava River in downtown Prague,” reads the description on the official website. On May 21st – 22nd the 2nd annual Bohemian BBQ competition will take place at the Anděl side of Náplavka. Meat lovers can come and indulge in barbecue and beer: you can even sign up to be a judge and decide what meat was prepared the best.  www.bohemian-bbq.com

Barbecue contest among food festivals in Prague

My insider’s tip is to wait and watch for the contestants to take their plates to the judges then most of them give away free samples–beware some charge.

Prague Food Festival: The 10th annual celebration of one of the largest gastronomical events in Prague will take place May 27th – 29th. There will be more than 42 degustation stands located over 3 hectares of Prague Castle grounds. This year’s special includes meals and drinks that will remind visitors of the 14th century and times of Charles the IV. www.praguefoodfestival.cz

Taste of the World: On August 27th – 28th you will get the chance to taste food, wine and beer from 15 international restaurants and wineries. You can find cuisine from 5 different continents all in one place. From 11:00 – 22:00 at Písecká Brána at K Brusce 5/208, 160 00. The evening will be filled with music and folklore to accompany the delicious food. Event page on Facebook

Prague Burgerfest 2016: Taking place on September 10th – 11th, you can experience the largest Burgers festival in Central Europe. Partnering with Jack Daniel’s, the event will also feature live music and performances. The festival in 2015 received over 40,000 visitors over the two days and ate almost 60,000 burgers. Don’t miss out on some juicy international burgers and great atmosphere! It smells good!  www.burgerfest.cz

If you like eating and drinking with 40,000 other people!  Personally I took one look at the hordes and went for a walk in nearby Stromvoka Park and ate a sausage from one of the food stands there.  But I did attend in 2014 and really enjoyed it.  My report with photos

I will wrap up with my personal favourite food festival: Vibrant Colours International Festival usually held near the end of August.  Review with video 

Dobrou chuť

Update:  Asia Fest is a new endeavour slated for 30 April 2016.  It looks classy, spacious and has a cover charge.  Which means it should not be too crowded; lets hope for good food.  More info

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