Site seeing in a book store

On Paros I frequently tell guests to visit the Ekatontapyliani Church because there is Plexiglas in the floor through which you can see the ancient temple that the church is built over.

book store built on old ruinsNow in Prague I can tell people to visit the Palladium Palace book store because their is Plexiglas in the floor through which you can see parts of the ancient building that it is built over.



I discovered this by accident when I just popped into the store to see what was on special offer.  Karin and I love browsing book stores and we love studying old buildings and the life that evolved around them.  Now we can do both in one stop, not to mention it is across the aisle from a coffee shop!


The Palladium also demonstrates the Czech humour that we love so much.  This photo is the men’s urinals in the mall.Czech humor in the men's room


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  3. That’s very disgusting for a male urinal, but I really laugh hard with what you have said. We really target anything that we see when we go to public urinals. I guess this was just a part of our playfulness..LOL

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