World’s Biggest: Prague

During our two previous trips to Prague we found our selves at the Strahov Monastery.  We had read about the Philosophical Library there but had never felt it worth while to pay the admission fee just to peek through the doorway.  Now that we have seen the 360 degree photo I don’t know if we do want to pay the fee or don’t need to.

As of his press release on 28 March 2011, Jeffrey Martin, whose photos I have used before, claims this photo as the largest in the world with a total resolution of 40 gigapixels.  It is composed of 2,947 individual photos shot over 5 days and stitched together by computer.  It is so sharp you can zoom in on the book titles and brush strokes in the ceiling art.

See it all at

Be sure to use the controls to scan up, down, around and in and out.

Strohov monastery library by 360cities, Jeffery Martin

So, what do you think?