Beer, Beers, and more Beers

We had some young friends visiting from England who wanted to try typical Czech food along with a selection of Czech beers.  So I consulted my favorite web site for such matters:  Prague Beer Garden  We chose Pivovarsky Klub because one of us wanted to try banana beer which they had.  We had good food and a selection of six beers on tap–your typical Czech pub only has 2 or 3 from the same brewery.  For the next two days my friend Ben kept repeating how much he enjoyed those beers.

Beer tasters in PragueSo we decided to try the ultimate in selection, The Beer Museum.  Based upon what I had read previously I had thought of this pub as a Prague institution.  I was a little worried when I could not find it on Google Street View but I knew it had to be there so we ventured out after dinner one night.  (I later found out that they celebrated their one year anniversary in October 2011.)

Sure enough it was easy to find on Dlouha Street in Old Town.  We were delighted to discover that they had tasting trays of five brews each.  (150 ml from 17 Kc up, .65 Euro).  It took three trays for all of us to pick a favorite which we then ordered in standard sizes.  It was great fun comparing and contrasting and taking snapshots of faces showing those we liked and those that we didn’t    🙂     🙁

Rating beers at Beer Museum, PragueThis photo is of our selections and rating system.  By consensus the bottom was Real Deal Ale and the top was Ferdinand Sedm Kuli.  Their selection is always changing so let us know your favorite when you visit.

By the way don’t go here for food; they don’t offer much and most comes from a fast food place around the corner.

Na zdravi­,

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