Cesky Krumlov: You gotta go there!

I recently discovered that a report of our visit to Cesky Krumlov never made it to this blog.  So two years after the fact here it is.  This World Heritage Site is probably the Czech Republic’s second best known city and well deserving of its reputation as a “must see” place.  You can reach it by train but we chose the Student Agency bus as more convenient.

I have selected a few photos to show here but as they are winter time shots they do not do justice to the charm of this well preserved town.  I urge you read Karin’s captions in our five–yes five albums for our three day visit–photo albums to catch the atmosphere of this place that will in turn catch you.  Literally everyone falls in love with Cesky Krumlov!

My favourite quote from Karin is “Cesky Krumlov brings to life the fairy tales of our youth.”

Cesky Krumlov castle

Castle with five courtyards dominates the town

Old town from Cesky Krumlov castle

Old town from the castle

Cesky store fronts below the castle

Store fronts below the castle

Czech food in a Czech setting

Czech food in a Czech setting

Old town bridge in Cesky Krumlov

Under the bridge that is the main gate into old town

So, if you would like to fall in love with Cesky Krumlov, continue to Karin’s personalised photo albums at Cesky Krumlov Old Town Part 1

Also follow more of our adventures outside of Prague on our Environs page.


3 thoughts on “Cesky Krumlov: You gotta go there!

  1. Hello Michael & Karin – I have just enjoyed looking through all your photo albums from Cesky Krumlov taken two years ago. They are delightful. Thank you for this post directing me & other visitors, to the albums. Despite having explored various parts of the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov is still on our ‘to visit’ list. Fearing that it might be a bit too busy in the height of summer, your photos have confirmed that a winter visit could be quite delightful.

    • There is a train leaving at Czesky Krumlov at 14:48 (not every day); and you’ll have to cnhage trains four times:First train goes from Czesky Krumlov to Czeske Budejovice, next one goes to Plzen. And then you’re almost in Germany: You go to Cheb, and then to Marktredwitz in Germany. From there, you go to Nuremberg, and then to Munich. Total travel time is about 9 hours. No walking involved there.The Bayern-Ticket is only available in Germany; you’ll have to buy it at a station, or on the train.Furthermore, you probably won’t get from Czesky Krumlov to Munich in one day without paying extra fare for an IC or ICE train. You’ll come into Germany from east to west, and Munich is further south. I know Nuremberg, and I know Marktredwitz. These are nice Bavarian towns, and you should maybe plan in an overnight stay and THEN continue on to Munich on cheap trains (with the Bayern-Ticket) the next day. Crossing the border by foot at Passau may be a good idea. Remember, it’s all Europe. If you can make it that way in less than 9 hours, do so.The Bayern-Ticket should be available at any vending machine at stations, or ask at the information desk.

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