David Cerny Update

David Cerny's Purple FingerDavid Cerny made the news in October but as it was more a political statement than art I did not post about it then.  This sculpture is anchored in the Vltava River and pointed toward Prague Castle, the seat of Czech President Milos Zeman.

Friday Karin and I dropped by the private gallery exhibition of some of Cerny’s current work.  As always it was quite interesting.  Though a couple of the better pieces are too explicit to be shown on this family friendly site.

The London bus is a miniature of the one I previously wrote about.  The other pieces shown represent his current style of embedding anything and everything in clear resin that is shaped to characterize people, body parts and other objects. Example detail in bottom photo.

David Cerny exhibition

Detail of Cerny resin art

Although displayed in a commercial gallery there were no prices on any of the pieces and we didn’t ask.  Any guesses?

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So, what do you think?