Prague Walk About — March

Walking from Vyton tram stop towards Vysehrad we passed under the railroad tracks and what to our wondrous eyes appeared:  a photo shoot!  Anyone browsing the internet or receiving emails of fantastic photos would have seen this type of photo.  We thought it quite something to see how it was done.  I was surprised at the time and expense involved; there was at least a crew of six people and many pieces of electronic equipment.  Is this art or a commercial product?

Merge with background photo, blend, meld in PragueProduction of merge, blending photos with background, Prague  Unique Prague experience, photo of merge photo
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Below are some other images I snapped on my camera phone while walking about Prague this March.

Soldiers in Prague park

Being American I was at first unnerved at seeing this group of Iron Curtain looking soldiers in a public park.  I don’t know if these are real or actors.



Russian Lada in Prague


Another remnant of Communism:  an old Russian Lada.


Recycle retro clothes in Prague


At the recycle depot:  a remnant of some one’s poor taste?  It was a good-looking jacket, except for the color, of course.


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