Help a Hungary Gourmet

While living in a small town in the west of Ireland Karin and I still keep in contact with Prague and Czech happenings — making a long list of places to visit upon our return.

We get many mouth-watering offerings from the Lime & Tonic coupon site.  In fact some of our very best meals in Prague have been from using their major discount offers.  Now I have been notified that my credit balance with them is about to expire.  Whoas me! 🙁

Lime & Tonic offerBut there is hope!  I can extend my account into March (when we hope to be back in Prague) by referring someone who registers with them — no purchase necessary.  So, if you are not already signed-up with Lime & Tonic, please take this opportunity to do so.  Even if you don’t find the affordable deals that we did, you can day dream over the luxury offers.

Here is the link:  Lime & Tonic


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