Prague: Yesteryear & Now — Virtual & Real

By Karin

57 Lada by Prague CastleI admit to having a fascination with the city of Prague. So much so that I spend a lot of time wandering around this delightful city, looking at the architecture, the layout of the streets, the parks, the churches, the statues. I am curious about name changes over the past century; i.e. bridges, metro stations, squares. I have found myself wondering what this city was actually like “long ago”. There are so many layers of history here, and I want to “see” it all.

Miss USA 57’ Charlotte Sheffield near Skoda 450 – Prague Castle, photo by Vilém Heckel

So when not in the city I spend hours in front of my computer. I love research and have found answers to so many of my questions…some of which I found in the links below.

Recently Michael discovered  Lost and Found In Prague on Twitter.  It is a collection of photos, posters and art of days gone by.  Browse until you find the singers on YouTube–a cultural experience.

Old postcards are another way to discover what Prague was like in the past.  This site is huge, and takes you all over the entire city.  You can choose one section of the city at a time.  

And for those of you who like to see before and after WW II pictures, you will find this site interesting:

Have fun getting to know Prague, the old, the new, and the before and after!

WW2 tank and today shopping

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