St. Mikulas Night in Prague

Lighted angel in old town Prague 2011

As older expats with all of our family back in the US we miss sharing Christmas with children.  So when ever we can we join in the family fun where ever we are living.  We are still young at heart after all.




In Prague and many other parts of Europe.  Dec 5th is naughty or nice night for younger three characters of Mikulas night, Prague children.  (Of course you can imagine the fun the adults have with the theme in the night clubs.) Karin and I headed for the center of it all, Old Town Square, as soon as it got  dark.  For once it seemed local families out numbered the tourists.  The square was as beautiful and exciting as always but since this was our second time for this event we left after only one mulled wine each.

Bishop in Jiri z Podebad square, Prague, MikulasIt was early yet so we decided to check out our local square.  It
definitely has a more home town feel.  I can’t do justice to the atmosphere in either square so I will highlight another of Karin’s evocative photo journals.
She makes an entertaining story of it all.

Click the cake!

Mikulas in Prague
St. Mikulas Night in Prague



5 thoughts on “St. Mikulas Night in Prague

  1. Great photos! My husband and I spent a few days in Prague while studying abroad in London. (We went to school in upstate New York.) It was one of our favorite cities. Loved the Old Town Square. So beautiful!

    • everyone in pgaure speaks english. the torture museum was cool, so was the communism museum…bars at the major hostles are fun and a good way to meet cool people.

  2. The city looks like an amazing place during the Winter season! I have been on Winter Prague City Breaks before and I had a wonderful time! It’s such a magical experience.

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