InterNations Prague

There are many internet sites for expatriate information. One that I know of has distinguished itself by establishing communities for expats to actually meet together locally rather than just virtually.  I belonged in Athens and in Prague but never attended a gathering because they were primarily cocktail parties attended by young corporate types looking to network and or hook-up.  Not our thing.

Now the Prague group seems to be evolving based upon my recent email from them.  They offer:

Prague Kitchen CrashersKitchen Crashers:  we will invite you to our own kitchen and invite you all to ‘host’ at your own respective kitchens. Activities will be limited to a maximum of 12 people to ensure for proper crowd control. Depending on the theme and host, guests will be asked to either contribute monetarily or in the form of food or drink which will allow for participation for every budget!

Prague Hiking:  Weekend hikes in the Czech countryside. Once a month, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, and lasting the whole day.  Distance: between 15 and 20 kms  These are walks, not leisurely strolls. There will often be hills and you need to be reasonably fit to do the hikes. But the main aim is to get people together, as well as getting some fresh air and exercise.

Christians in Prague:  For many ExPats abroad, faith and those who share it, are one of the most important things that sustain them while they try to adjust to a foreign culture. Information on Christian activities can be a “breath of fresh air” or “a life line” to those who are struggling to cope in a new environment. This group will invite Christians to gather for fellowship and encouragement.

Soul Connection:  Every life on this planet gives us the unique opportunity to learn something new and improve ourselves in our spiritual path. The planet Earth is the practical lab for us to experience everything we have learnt in the Spirit realm.
What we can do to aid the Earth and her people is to bring down awareness of worldly matters in order to spread love and healing.

How’s that for hooking up with like minded people?

2014 Update:  I have become active in the Writer’s Group.  So anyone who would like to know more or for an invite to Internations is welcome to contact me.

Here is a piece I wrote for the group as prose inspired by an image:  Paros Flashback

Fame and Fortune: Hollywood on the Vltava

This week I received an interesting email about casting for an English language film being shot by a Korean director and based on a French graphic novel*.  Then by a “coincidence” I happened to see an ad on Craig’s List for casting a shoot in Columbus, Ohio, USA as well as a Squidoo lens about being an extra in Atlanta, GA, USA, all within the course of two days.

Prague and its Barrandov Studios has long been the center of central European film making.  That and its old time beauty have led to many Hollywood style films being shot all or in part in Prague.  In the widget below I listed just a few of the more well known; the older are better in my opinion.  Conspicuously missing is Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol shot in 2011 and not on DVD yet.  See update below.

My point today is not to watch these movies for the few background scenes of Prague and the Czech Republic but to suggest that appearing in film and commercial video is another arrow in the quiver for supporting the expat lifestyle.  A little networking and a little schmoozing can get your name and number in front of the right people for when a project comes up in your city or country.

Children, especially with stage presence, are frequently needed for filming.  Here in Prague we have expat James Bridekirk and his StageStars  They teach theater at several English language schools as well as open Saturday sessions as well as act as agents for casting.  They also produced the Christmas Pantomime that Karin and I greatly enjoyed.  Hopefully I will get around to writing about it.

So whatever your skill or talent there is a way to earn an exciting experience, if not a living.  What ideas do you have?  Please comment.

*Feature Film: Snow Piercer; Writer/Director: Bong Joon-ho

Prague shoot dates: Jan- June, 2012

Update:  Here is a link for Amazon USA.  You can also get the above films from there.  That is, please use my Amazon U.K link for Europe and for USA.  Cheers.

St. Mikulas Night in Prague

Lighted angel in old town Prague 2011

As older expats with all of our family back in the US we miss sharing Christmas with children.  So when ever we can we join in the family fun where ever we are living.  We are still young at heart after all.




In Prague and many other parts of Europe.  Dec 5th is naughty or nice night for younger three characters of Mikulas night, Prague children.  (Of course you can imagine the fun the adults have with the theme in the night clubs.) Karin and I headed for the center of it all, Old Town Square, as soon as it got  dark.  For once it seemed local families out numbered the tourists.  The square was as beautiful and exciting as always but since this was our second time for this event we left after only one mulled wine each.

Bishop in Jiri z Podebad square, Prague, MikulasIt was early yet so we decided to check out our local square.  It
definitely has a more home town feel.  I can’t do justice to the atmosphere in either square so I will highlight another of Karin’s evocative photo journals.
She makes an entertaining story of it all.

Click the cake!

Mikulas in Prague
St. Mikulas Night in Prague