Christmas Memories 2009

Last year, Michael and I spent our second Christmas in Prague.  Our first stay the year before was only a brief visit of 10 days whereas our second time was much longer — November through February.

Because we settled in, we decided to decorate our apartment for the holidays.  Of course it was on the cheap because we would not be taking anything back home with us due to luggage limitations.  We really did have fun going to the supermarkets and buying little things.  We visited Albert and Marks and Spencer for most of the decorations. 

streamers in our kitchen for Christmas

Streamers in the kitchen..

Christmas Table Cloth and star candle

Christmas tablecloth and star candle . . .

Xmas Decoration Michael's Stocking in Prague

Michael’s Christmas stocking goes with us every Christmas . . .

Our Christmas window lights in Prague

Two strands of lights . . .one in the living room, one in the bedroom.


Xmas Decoration Honeycomb Candle from Prague Christmas market

A beeswax candle purchased at one of the Street Markets . . .

Christmas card display on antique in Prague

And we so appreciated the cards from friends . . .

A local supermarket called Albert gave out a monthly magazine with recipes.  I challenged myself to decoding them by using Google Translator so that our holiday season would be not only filled with decorations, but some traditional Czech foods as well.

Karin in kitchen cooking for Christmas, computer recipe

Where to eat on Christmas Day was a fairly large decision.  We remembered enjoying a delicious steak in Old Town the year before but the restaurant was no longer there.  So after going back and forth between this and that, we settled for dinner at the Indian Jewel located in Ungeldt Square.  It turned out to be an excellent choice!

Indian Jewel for Christmas dinner, Prague



And we are not too old to appreciate that Old Saint Nick (Santa Claus) visited us and left a few wee gifts, although we did think that just being in Prague was gift enough!

We are now talking about spending even a longer time in Prague next year, so we are definitely looking forward to another Christmas in the Czech Republic in 2011.

And this year our wish to all is a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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