More Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad

You may think that living in the middle of the city about three blocks from a tram stop and a Metro (underground) station that we get tired of the same urban scene.  You would be wrong because in many ways we see variations every time.

The major differences are as we walk through our local square, Jiriho z Podebrad.  We are frequently surprised by events that we had not heard about and sprang into existence while we slept.  Other times we enjoy watching the preparations days in advance of a major festival.

Below is a video (slide show) of a recent regional food fair; just a typical walk through our local square.

More about daily life around the square: and

InterNations Prague

There are many internet sites for expatriate information. One that I know of has distinguished itself by establishing communities for expats to actually meet together locally rather than just virtually.  I belonged in Athens and in Prague but never attended a gathering because they were primarily cocktail parties attended by young corporate types looking to network and or hook-up.  Not our thing.

Now the Prague group seems to be evolving based upon my recent email from them.  They offer:

Prague Kitchen CrashersKitchen Crashers:  we will invite you to our own kitchen and invite you all to ‘host’ at your own respective kitchens. Activities will be limited to a maximum of 12 people to ensure for proper crowd control. Depending on the theme and host, guests will be asked to either contribute monetarily or in the form of food or drink which will allow for participation for every budget!

Prague Hiking:  Weekend hikes in the Czech countryside. Once a month, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, and lasting the whole day.  Distance: between 15 and 20 kms  These are walks, not leisurely strolls. There will often be hills and you need to be reasonably fit to do the hikes. But the main aim is to get people together, as well as getting some fresh air and exercise.

Christians in Prague:  For many ExPats abroad, faith and those who share it, are one of the most important things that sustain them while they try to adjust to a foreign culture. Information on Christian activities can be a “breath of fresh air” or “a life line” to those who are struggling to cope in a new environment. This group will invite Christians to gather for fellowship and encouragement.

Soul Connection:  Every life on this planet gives us the unique opportunity to learn something new and improve ourselves in our spiritual path. The planet Earth is the practical lab for us to experience everything we have learnt in the Spirit realm.
What we can do to aid the Earth and her people is to bring down awareness of worldly matters in order to spread love and healing.

How’s that for hooking up with like minded people?

2014 Update:  I have become active in the Writer’s Group.  So anyone who would like to know more or for an invite to Internations is welcome to contact me.

Here is a piece I wrote for the group as prose inspired by an image:  Paros Flashback

Missing Prague

We have not been posting due to the joys of travel:  visiting friends and family, time consumed on the road, irregular internet service and the like.  We are now settling into a new, if temporary, home in Ennis, Ireland.  So here is a post.

As we have written before we love Mexican food–as long as it has authentic taste.  I think we have also praised the web site  Now we have a two for one; an article about the Mexacali Hot Shop.  Click the link to read the excellent article by Ginny Contreras or go directly to Mexicka¡ kuchyna to order on line.

A bit of Russia . . .

One day Michael and I decided to walk up a street near our apartment called Manesova.  It is a tree-lined street with colourful Art Nouveau buildings, many of which have been restored.  (Manesova is named in tribute to Josef Manes, a 19th-century Czech painter of the images of the twelve months on the Prague Astronomical Clock.)

What a surprise to find a window front with signs written in Russian.  Peeking inside I saw what looked to be a small deli.  With delight and curiosity we decided to go in and see if we might find something fun to take home and eat later on. 

Well, it was more than just a small deli.  There was also a tiny coffee shop and in a back narrow room the walls were lined with book shelves, and racks of DVD’s.  It was a lending library. . .shop for Russians on Manesova street in Prague

books in Russian in shop in Prague



Also in this hallway were stairs going down into the basement where some very delicious smells were wafting in the air!  Suddenly we felt hungry.  Following our noses, we discovered a small restaurant with about 6 tables.


The young waitress was very friendly and could speak some English.  She showed us the menu with items we recognized but many we had no clue about . . . so we inquired about them.  We decided to stay and asked what she would recommend for a light lunch.Menu of Russian restaurant in Vinohady, Prague


I chose borscht soup and Michael had a meat pie.  Both were exceptionally delicious!!Russian meat pie

Michael &Karin with Pilsner in Russian restaurant, Prague



Even though we were eating totally Russian, we still chose Pilsner Urquell, my all time favourite Czech beer!

After our meal we went into the deli section and looked at the large display of wines on offer.  There were bakery items, frozen food items and numerous other things of which we had NO clue what they were.  It was a busy deli so that must mean there is a Russian community nearby to support it.  We intended to come back for dinner or another lunch, but Prague is full of so many restaurants, we never did get back.  Its on the list for next time!

Later I researched about the Russian population in Prague.  In the June 2010 issue of the Prague Daily Monitor an article reported number of Russian-speaking inhabitants of Prague has multiplied in the past ten years, which is gradually changing the character of the Czech capital.  In 1997 there was merely one Russian shop in Prague, while at present there are dozens of  them as well as other Russian services, five branches of Russian and Ukrainian universities and at least six kindergartens. 

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