Mezicas: Indie film wants you

I love the hospitality business; I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Yet another business that I have brushed against that promises to be a lot of fun is the “movies”.

I just learned of an opportunity for me–and for you– to participate in the production of a local indie film here in Prague.  Best of all it features my favourite coffee culture location:  cafe’ Louvre!

While time travel movies don’t rate high in my book this talented production company looks capable of pulling off this farcical romp through the timeless city of Prague.  Currently–through 31 July, 2013–they are seeking crowd funding for about half of their production budget.  I am having difficulty deciding how much to pledge:  $10 for a toe in the water, $450 to be an extra in the film or somewhere in-between.

Their crowd funding site has all the background and details plus a lot of photos.

See update below.

This video dialog is same as crowd funding page but includes scenes of Prague and Cafe’ Louvre

Come on, let’s have some fun in the movie business!

Update:  The Indiegogo project expired before reaching the goal so the group re-penciled their budget and established a similar program on their own–including a share of any profits for all participants.  I kept my finger in the pie with the Photo Credit-Soundtrack package.  Get the latest on their blog.