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2017 Update:  OpinionsPost is defunct and the links obsolete.  I have been re-publishing my articles but it is a slow process.  Where I have new links I will insert them. If you see an article that you are interested in but can’t find, contact me and I will email you a copy 🙂 

I have not posted here for the last month because I have been writing for a new internet magazine, OpinionsPost.com     Self-described as “a multilingual newspaper based on the concept of citizen journalism. We are independent, impartial and honest.”

My latest piece for the magazine is my take on our recent trip to the Czech spa town Karlovy Vary and the large Russian influence we found there.  It is now republished here.


Our favourite Czech drink is made here and no where else because of the water.

Between Town And Spas

Transition between the Czech town centre and the Russian dominated spa region.

Elegant lobby of Grandhotel Putt

Money, money, money–so pleasant

Karlovy Vary monument to Karl Marx

a German philosopher who frequented the spas

mineral springs collonade

Ancient Greek elegance for strolling while taking the waters.








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