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Greece:  Learning, Reflection and Fun



A two week academic program featuring the highlights of mainland Greece such as the Acropolis, Delphi and Olympia combined with extensive workshops on the vacation isle of Paros.

Our experience will enhance your experience to create a custom itinerary to suit your interests as well as attract students to the Greek island lifestyle of sun, sea and sport.  Plus we know how to avoid political turmoil and strikes, when necessary.

Planning session after mealThe hallmarks of our offering are 100% flexibility and affordable cost. We can provide one week on Paros including accommodation, meals, workshops and tourist activities for as low as 500 Euro per participant. Excluding air fare your two week introduction to classical Greece can be budgeted for an economic 1,250 Euro per student with faculty free. Optional extras would be a little more.

The mainland itinerary with Athens as the hub is entirely up to you with any advice you want from our experience and that of our travel agent partner.  See our sister site for ideas:  Our more popular offerings on Paros include:




Painting: Oil, Watercolor or Acrylic

Horseback Riding (in the sea)

Greek Cooking


Greek history, culture and antiquities, of course!

Upon enquiry we can provide a more extensive list as well as respond to your specific request. Paros has a great wealth of experienced instructors and activities--as well as antiquities.

 “We had a great time, and I think you did a terrific job.  Your organization, execution, and hospitality made this the trip I had imagined.”

Dr. Michele Egan, Associate Prof. Communications, Lake Erie College

Truly there are too many variations and alternatives in schedule, accommodation, food and activities to describe. Please email me with what you want in a Greek odyssey and I will respond with an estimated cost. From there we can progress together to create a memorable experience.


Boat to scuba and snorkelling 

Email to Michael Shepherd, Paros Hospitality

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