Painting Workshops

Paros is an artist’s heaven. There is a thriving local art community and numerous classes and workshops. Read more about Painting on Paros and the Paros Art Scene

Over the years we have hosted many art workshops and more to come. We also have information about other offerings at other times. Please e-mail with your enquiry. If you are a tutor/instructor or an artist tour guide, please contact us about how we can enhance your Greek odyssey.

blue gold fishing boat
Photo by Yolanda Verhulst

Optional Extra — We now offer with every workshop a customized tour of the major art and antiquity sites of the Greek mainland. See more We can also mix and match classes in any activity or discipline. Look HERE for some ideas.

Some of our Workshop Participants

Anita Miller – Painter, Sculptor and more

Crystal Beshara – Artist and Instructor

Niki Paras Reynolds – Texas and the whole world

Denise Philipbar – Professional artist from Denver, Colorado, USA

Ron Johnson – Artist and Instructor

Renate’ Bagai – Member of Art Perspectives Intl. from Brussels, Belgium

The air and light of Greece has attracted artists for a longer time than any other place known to mankind.


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