Syros: The real Greek island!  By Karin One of the pleasures of our piece of paradise on Paros is the opportunity to visit other areas of...

Paros Flashback: Life’s Dilemmas

Shadows, light and dark contrasts; Guinness from Ireland on a Greek island veranda with bougainvillea; what...


Despotiko is a delightful side trip from Antiparos, which itself is a delightful side trip from Paros. However, since its main...

Holidays & Festivals of Greece

Hello Grecophile, Festivals and celebrations in Greece largely centre around the Orthodox religious calendar. Below we list some of the major dates and events including...
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The Shepherds, Michael & Karin

We lived for ten years on the delightful isle of Paros, Greece–the all around island with something for everyone. We would like to invite you to share our piece of paradise through the pictures and visitor information throughout this web site.

During this time we also travelled extensively, both island hopping and touring the mainland of Greece. Thus this travel guide also provides photos, commentary, maps of the best islands and mainland sites to visit.

Our insider experience and budget tips will enhance your personal Greek odyssey.

Tips & Travel Advisories

Know before you go . . .

Hike the Islands

Many of our most enduring memories of living on Paros...

Golden Coast, Drios

Golden Coast -- Drios Comfortable Villa in Prestige Location Location says it all for...

Panorama Village Villa

Panorama Village Villa Marchello Beach, Krios Bay, Parikia view Everything you need for a...


Living and Working Abroad Hello Expat browser, Most of our Paros Paradise web site is about Paros and our life on a Greek island. This...


Holiday, vacation, expat, nomad -- Life is great!

Specifically living abroad: Go to Expat page

Clean Monday: Kite Day

This excellent account is from the Athens News Agency

The Greek Gift Game

The Greek Gift Game By Karin,...

More Places

Some of our favourites

          Paros Location

          Paros Beaches

          Aliki village

Kolimbithres Beach Parrot

Kolimbithres Beach is one of my favourite places to relax and it has been a consistent hit with the art groups that we...

Naxos — Big Island with More to Offer

While our heart belongs to our home island of Paros, Naxos is a big brother that we...

Greek Island Hopping

Why Choose Paros? Most of the enquiries that I get are from people...


Well for once a celestial event took place at sociable...

Surfing Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Meets Modern Fun Ancient...

Yoga on Paros

Yoga on Paros Do It...

Greek Cooking

A Sensory Culinary Experience Enhance...

Physics on the Beach

Garrett Lisi, who spends much of the year surfboarding in...

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