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I subscribe to a newsletter called Sovereign Man by Simon Black. He writes from personal experience about the benefits of “internationalizing”. That is expanding your personal, business and financial interests beyond your home country. I find his reports from the field quite interesting and informative.

Recently he made the point that you don’t have to be wealthy or even have a job to start the process of enjoying life abroad. He wrote:

“I know a lot of people who got their start this way– they moved overseas for a small job, made their own connections on the ground, and eventually found lucrative opportunities where they could add value.”
“The truth is, most people who have money don’t start out with money. We have to earn it. Making money is a skill. You can learn to make money in the same way you can learn a foreign language or to play a guitar. As I’ve said, it’s all about creating value.”

The posts in this Work at Home category are a few random ideas to kick start your own creative juices. The international opportunities are truly limitless; you only have to find or create the one that suits you.

Combine these with the ideas you will find in our Expat menu

2022 Update: Many of Sovereign Man articles have been combined with other research and data into a Kindle Book. Check it out.

Bonus content: Here’s an idea that is too short to have it’s own post.

Forbes Magazine highlighted a new way to finance the holiday/vacation lifestyle: Buy a yacht using Time Shares. Their article details how one person did it but the idea can be applied to anything, including a private villa on Paros with you as the paid caretaker.


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