In this day and age Monemvasia is well off the beaten path yet its central position in former eras make the rock rich with a varied and exciting past.  Relax in a state of excitement.

Monemvasia was settled in the 6th century and was fought over by the Venetians and the Turks for hundreds of years.

A fortress and the first town on top of the rock (now in ruins). The second village called lower town was settled in the 14th century.

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Monemvasia Rock from Gefira harbour
Evening view from our taverna table
Gefira centre
Gefira is mainland town with budget accommodation and meals.
boys fishing at harbour
Entertainment with our dinner
Monemvasia gateway
Main gateway–with protective bend
a main street in Monemvasia
A main street

door to Matoula Restaurant
Well known restaurant

Monamvasia balcony view
View from balcony at breakfast
Monamvasia distant view
More view
boat passing under balcony at Monamvasia
Are they looking up at us?

Monemvasia church square
Biggest open space
Modern homes
End of the road on Monemvasia
End of road at town boundary

We met an artist, Manolis Gregoreas, who invited us to see his gallery. He was such an interesting man, and very talented. He shows his unique original work, some of which are made into posters. We bought this one.

The souvenir poster hangs in our hallway; the peaceful dinner with the sound of lapping waves lives in our memories.

Monemvasia is on the Peloponnese peninsula, along with a great many Ancient Greek sites. Check out our visits to some of these HERE