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Update:  April 2021     Explore New Heights  —  Ascend West Virginia

With the help of a $25 million donation from native son and Silicon Valley executive Brad Smith the State of West Virginia is offering $12,000 cash and other benefits to anyone moving there and working remotely in certain city areas.  Read the details and find the application in a beautiful web site HERE

On November 17, 2020 I posted that Coronavirus Will Create Nomads. Since then I have seen a veritable deluge of information about companies and countries seeking to attract remote workers. This article lists a few of the offers.

The latest is free 30 day accommodation plus air fare from the U.K. in a luxury villa in Corfu, Greece. The stay is strictly from 5 April-3 May 2021 and you have until 15 Feb to apply. This offer is sweetened by the news that the Greek government is proposing a 50% discount on income taxes for up to seven years for foreign workers who take up residence in Greece. This site is full of information about Greece and being an expatriate and Work at Home on the Beach. Oh yes, you can apply for the free villa HERE

Already on this bandwagon is Google Maps creator Lars Rasmussen who has announced he is moving to Greece in January 2021 to create a new start-up enterprise. He is quoted as saying, “(Greece) Will hopefully attract an additional 500,000 non-Greek brains to live & work in paradise!”

How about Hawaii? Have you ever wanted to live there? It is probably too late for this offer but check it out anyway. Free flights to Hawaii offered to remote workers who promise to stay at least 30 days . . . and other details. Note this is not an ad 🙂

As reported in the previous post, several countries around the world have launched remote work visas for foreigners in efforts to stimulate their economies. They include Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Estonia, Georgia, United Arab Emirates.

I am sure I have just seen the tip of the iceberg so I would welcome anyone who knows of other offers for digital nomads or countries with special programs to attract remote workers to please comment.

Since I personally have been an expat for about 25 years I have beaucoup information elsewhere on my sites. For ideas on how to use your own skills and talents read the articles in the Work at Home category. I have specific expatriate pages on each of the country sites listed below in the footer.

I even provide a collection of motivational quotes for the global nomad at



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