Monastery & Convent Accommodation

Yes, you can spend a night in a spiritual and beautiful location on a mountain top or island in Greece.

Whenever I see or visit a convent or monastery in Greece, I think how great it would be to spend a night there enjoying both the serenity and the always excellent location. So, for years I have intended to research and write an article about the opportunities. But I recently came across such an article written by my old friend and Greece expert, DeTraci Regula.

She puts her expertise to work in this travel guide giving valuable tips such as being aware of strict curfews as well as listing several places that regularly offer overnight rooms. She also includes links to other resources so you can easily do your own research.

A Guide to Staying in Convent and Monastery Guesthouses in Greece

Well worth the read, either to plan your next trip or to sit back and daydream.


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