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A look at travel advice

As I browse travel sites on the internet and read questions I try to answer what I can in order to share our knowledge. Also I enjoy and learn from other’s answers. Just last week someone wrote to say they were planning a three week trip to Greece. What should they look for? what to avoid? which islands were best? any tips? Someone else wrote back the perfect answer. “I recommend the Lonely Planet Guide Book. They take about 750 pages to answer your questions.”

We are glad to help with specifics such as ferry routes, rates, good places to stay, eat, local buses, what things should cost and the like. Yet each visitor is different; there are no bests. No one likes to suffer the consequences of a mistake, yet having an adventure turns an ordinary day into a lifetime memory (Ask Karin about our Samaria Gorge experience!) A little discomfort from stretching your boundaries is good for the soul, I believe.

My major advice to prospective travellers is to have a good attitude and everything else will fall into place as it should. You may not walk the most direct route to your destination but you will learn, experience and grow more by not trying for pre-packaged perfection. Besides plans never work out anyway. I once advised one enquirer that if he needed his connections to be precisely on time, don’t come to Greece.

Finally, we have all heard the number one travel advice: Pack light! This month I finally met someone who follows it. Experienced travellers who were here for a week with only what the rest of us would call a day pack each. Well done, Doug and Maryrose.

Speaking of best, here is what I wrote about choosing your Greek island: https://hubpages.com/travel/Best_Greek_Island

Excerpt from July 2002 Newsletter


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